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May 05, The best time to trim azaleas is after the blossoms have faded, but before the new blossom buds have started. The next year’s blossoms typically start forming at the beginning of July, so you must prune an azalea bush before then. If you prune azaleas after the beginning of July, you may not get any flowers on the bush next year.

Oct 11, Ensure a riot of flowers to enjoy next summer and put up your clippers after springtime. The ideal time to give your azaleas a trim is within a three-week period after they finish blooming in spring. This gives the azaleas plenty of time to make flower buds (which appear as pale, fuzzy buds curled tight on the tips of branches) for next bushpruning.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Aug 30, Because you want to avoid cutting off fall-produced flower buds that will be next spring's blooms. Too, mid to late fall pruning can stimulate tender new foliage that could be damaged or killed by an early frost or freezing temperatures. So, to avoid problems, cease pruning evergreen azaleas in mid-summer. Step 1 - wait until the flowers die off in the spring to prune. Step 2 - cut off dead branches and stems from the shrub.

Azaleas are beloved for their natural airy shape and look awful and perform even worse when sheared into boxy figures.

Step 3 - prune off live stems and branches to conform the plant into your preferred shape. You can keep the plants small and cute, or have them as more of a statement shrub. Sep 05, Prune azaleas soon after they bloom in the spring or early summer. The perfect time is when spent flowers begin to discolor and shrivel. Cutting them back in late summer, fall, or winter will remove flowerbuds and keep them from blooming. Azalea Prooning Tools. A pair of hand clippers and loppers are all you'll need.

How to Prune Azaleas In most landscapes, azaleas look best when minimally pruned, allowing them to retain their naturally graceful form.

Sep 10, When to Prune Azaleas The time for pruning azaleas is the same regardless of whether they are evergreen or deciduous: late spring after the blossoms have wilted. Aug 25, The beginning of spring is an excellent time to prune your garden, and among the plants you should prune are your azaleas. Take advantage of these days to perform maintenance pruning, cutting all dead or diseased stems and branches.

Make the cut at the point of connection between wood dry or diseased and healthy wood.