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How to Prune Trees by the Phase of the Moon. Performing gardening tasks by the phases of the moon is as old as written history and is based on beliefs that phases of the moon indicate the moon. Take dead or diseased shoots out completely, shorten some main shoots to promote new shoots, Prune side shoots up to 2 to 4 pairs of leaves.

For other roses, tidy up to prevent wind damage. Main pruning is in spring (frost damage)- always choose “flower days” and descending moon phase. PRUNING HERBS. Don't plant; instead, focus on such tasks as weeding. Aquarius and Gemini will keep you weeding and spraying to control insect pests. Aries and Sagittarius are barren, although onion and garlic can be planted.

Prune during waxing moon (1st and 2nd Quarter) to encourage growth when it is in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. Mar 02, Like Gardening by the Moon, astrological Best Days are based on the Moon. However, instead of depending on the Moon’s phase, Best Days take into account the Moon’s position in the astrological zodiac. When the Moon is in Taurus, for example, it is considered a good time to plant, transplant, or graft.

Wheat, corn, squash, peas, beans, tomatoes and all fruit are best planted here. The best time to plant flowering plants is when the moon is in an Air sign. Flowers planted when the moon is in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius will result in showy, fragrant blooms.

Root crops should be planted when the moon is in an Earth sign. 4th Quarter Moon. In the fourth quarter there is decreased gravitational pull and moonlight, and this is considered a resting period. This is also the best time to cultivate, harvest, transplant, fertilize and prune.

Mow lawns in the third or fourth quarter to retard growth. Use the water signs for deep watering of shrubs and trees. Moon in Gemini To be or not to be, this is the typical dilema for the Moon in Gemini. Whether it is a big issue of life or a petty choice of clothes, Moon in Gemini always has two minds talking to each other at the same time. Gemini Moon is very curious in everything. They learn fast as they learn by asking good questions.

Jul 10, When Mars in Gemini’s innuendos meet Moon in Gemini’s need for conversation, the result is heat that’s based on suggestion. The idea of what might happen will pull this Mercury-ruled couple together, and where they go from there will be limited only by their imaginations. Mars in Gemini ‘s words are his primary tools of seduction.